Origins as Cutting-Edge AI Information Consolidators

Marunouchi AI Club is an association that was founded on the desire to provide information sharing between Club members, such as researchers, financial circles, experienced scholars, corporations, and students, and provide a place for them to mingle in order to promote the progress and development of AI-related science and industry in Japan. Examples of our services are detailed below.

For Experienced Scholars and Students

We support experienced scholars and students who will sustain the AI industry in the future. We distribute foreign research data and cutting-edge news that will aid in conducting research. Also, by establishing scholarship and subsidy funds, we support students who show promise.

For Corporate AI Executives

If your company wants to enter the AI business in the future, or is considering implementing AI technology, we can provide you information and match you with business partners.
Also, if your company wants to promote its products, you can display your products and hold product information sessions.

For AI Industry Job Applicants

If you are considering working in the AI industry in the future, or would like to learn about AI technology, we can provide you with information and hold study sessions.

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