Marunouchi AI Club (hereinafter, the Club) recognizes the importance of the personal information we obtain from our stakeholders. Protection of this information is a basic precept of the Club’s operations as well as of the utmost importance in running our business.

To provide safe, secure, and reliable service, the following policy has been established. The Club shall endeavor to have all employees thoroughly understand and observe it.

Marunouchi AI Club
Hiromichi Kutsusawa, Chairman
March 12, 2018

1. Basic Policy

  1. The Club shall observe the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and all other related laws, regulations, and rules. In addition, internal regulations regarding the protection of personal information (hereinafter, our regulations) shall be established, and the Club shall implement, maintain, and continually strive to improve these regulations.
  2. The Club shall establish a management system regarding the protection of personal information, and shall ensure all executives and employees thoroughly understand and observe said regulations.
  3. The Club shall only use personal information for the purposes explicitly stated to the member. In addition, the Club shall not disclose or provide any personal information provided by a member to a third party without the consent of the member or appropriate cause.
  4. The Club shall update and maintain accurate personal information, and endeavor to prevent illegal access, leaks, loss, or damage to personal information. In addition, the Club shall continuously improve and amend information security.
  5. The Club shall sincerely and immediately respond to any inquiries or claims from members of disclosure, etc. of personal information.

2. Purpose of Using Personal Information

The Club shall specify in advance the purpose for using any personal information provided by members, and shall use that personal information only for said purpose. In the event it becomes necessary to use personal information beyond the scope of purpose specified in advance, members shall be contacted about such necessity and the consent of members shall be acquired prior to use of their personal information. The Club shall use personal information for the following purposes.

  1. Personal Information of Members
    • Business negotiation and other communication with members
    • Shipping of goods, documents, etc.
    • Introduction to services, events, etc.
    • Provision of customer support and maintenance
    • Responses to inquiries and consultations
    • Provision of members-only services
    • Development of services, conducting surveys, service trials, etc.
    • Fulfillment of agreements
  2. Recruiting Related Personal Information
    • Provision of and contact regarding recruitment information, etc. to employment applicants (including for internships)
    • Recruitment clerical matters at the Club

3. Proper Acquisition of Personal Information

The Club shall only acquire personal information by use of legal and honest means.

4. Provision of Personal Information

  1. The Club shall not disclose or provide a member’s personal information to any third party except in the following cases.
    1. If the member’s consent has been acquired
    2. In accordance with the law
    3. When necessary to protect human life, limb, or property and when it is difficult to acquire the member’s consent
    4. When it is necessary for handling of personal information to be outsourced to achieve the purpose of use
    5. When operation of the Club is handed over due to a merger, club division, transfer of operations, or other reason
  2. The Club may provide the address, name, and telephone number, etc. of members to Club affiliates and Club agents with regards to services provided to members and inquiries, etc. when said correspondence is judged to be appropriate, regardless of (1) above. In this case, the member can request that the Club stop dissemination of personal information to the said affiliates, etc.

5. Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

Please use the Contact Form to request the disclosure, correction, or deletion, etc. of a member’s personal information.

6. Other Matters

1. Website Access Information
To provide better service, the Club may acquire this website’s access log information. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. Acquisition of access log information is not for the purpose of identifying the personal information of members.
2. Cookies
To provide a better experience, cookies are used in some portions of this website. Cookies and IP addresses cannot be used alone to identify an individual, so they are not considered personal information. You can refuse to accept cookies by changing the settings in your browser.